SaveApp: A Budgeting Solution

Our Goal


  • User Surveys
  • User Interviews
  • Affinity Mapping
  • Persona & Journey Mapping
  • Feature Prioritization
  • Design Studio
  • Usability Testing (2 rounds) using Figma



  • People do not have a systematic way of budgeting.
  • People can’t keep track of their short-term and long-term expenses.
  • People don’t have a clear idea of what their overall financial responsibilities are.

Initial Problem Statement

User Survey to User Interviews

  • We screened for to qualified users using a screener survey
  • We interviewed 5 working people, between the ages of 29 & 36
  • We carefully crafted 10 generative questions, and then … we listened.Affinity Mapping Method (Research Synthesis)

Affinity Mapping (Research Synthesis)

Affinity Map

Insights from Affinity Mapping

  1. Users want to see that their budgeting is paying off.
  2. Users need actionable advice to reach their goals.
  3. Users want to see all their financial information in one place.
  4. Users don’t want to spend all day creating a budget.
  5. Users need a tool that can be customized to my needs.

Persona & Journey Map

Journey Mapping of the Budgeting Process

Revised Problem Statement

Feature Prioritization

The Feature Prioritization Matrix
The MoSCow Map

Design Studio

Mid-Fidelity Prototype & Usability Testing

Hi-Fidelity Prototype & Usability Testing

Hi-Fidelity Prototype Mockup

Final Findings & Recommendations

  • We suggest increasing the size of the “We Suggest” call to action buttons. We found that users could not locate this key feature. Also, we recommend adding a signifier to using the “We Suggest” button .
  • We need to adjust size in accordance to the priority of the information. For instance, in the monthly saving tracker page, user’s goals needs to be emphasized in size while the categories should be reduced.
  • We need to rethink the taxonomy of certain phrases to improve clarity. For example users did not understand the “We Suggest” action button.
  • We need to add a signifier for the additional feature on the page which explains how we come up with suggestions.
  • We recommend another round of usability testing



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